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Green. Secure. Decentralized.

The environmentally friendly and public cryptocurrency for everyone.


Proof of Stake

Stakers solve half of all blocks on each blockchain in the Verus ecosystem. Staking is highly energy efficient and advances decentralization on the network.


Proof of Work

Miners solve half of all blocks on each blockchain in the Verus ecosystem. Mining is the most robust method for securing blockchains.

VerusHash 2.2

Creating a decentralized miner ecosystem. No specialized hardware required.

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Use consumer-grade CPUs to mine efficiently.
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Mobile Phones

Mobiles phones mine cost-efficiently, making Verus accessible for everyone in the world.
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ARM Devices

Certain ARMs mine efficiently. Low cost, low power draw.


One device. Mine 22 blockchains. A green revolution.

In the Verus multichain protocol you can mine up to 22 blockchains on one device. With the same hashrate. Boosting mining efficiency and profits to great heights.
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Limitless staking.
Zero environmental impact.

Each blockchain in the Verus multichain protocol inherits the highly energy efficient 50% PoS. Stake as many blockchains as your system can handle.
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Efficient. Scalable.
Sustainable for the world.

Verus PBaaS (Public Blockchains as a Service) supports an unlimited number of interoperable blockchains. Mine up to 22 blockchains and stake limitless amounts on one device. Verus is one of the most efficient blockchain ecosystems and takes environment and sustainability seriously.
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